Sunday, 30 January 2011

The 50th Disney Animation...


I've just got back from the cinema; and no surprises I thought Tangled was amazing!  It certainly isn't just another Disney Princess movie, there's lots of bits to make you laugh and characters that will appeal to boys (young and old).  Disney have achieved their aim with the new princess, she is more modern with lots of girl power, and a good role model for girls as she is tough but with good values; I also think girls will be able to relate to some of the first scenes with Rapunzel and her "Mother".

Kieran was dragged along to see this movie and was also thoroughly impressed, this is a sign of how good the movie it is as he isn't quite the Disney geek I am.  

I'm not going to give away any of the plot, but you have to go see it! It will make you smile and everyone should be childish once in a while :)

J xx

PS Here's a picture of pascal and Rapunzel, Pascal was probably my favourite character in the movie funny and cute!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Magic, Memories and You Premiere

Hi All

Ok so I was going to revise honest, but then I spotted this on you tube:Magic Memories and You Premiere.  I was pretty dubious about this when Disney announced it last year so wasn't that excited about the premier...

Now I've watched it I can't believe how good is it!  They've made a show out of the photos.  The graphic projected onto the castle are amazing, literally so impressed with the effects, for example when they make it look like photos are bursting though the wall and bricks go everywhere, it looks so realistic and its just a projector (as far as I know).

I cannot wait to see this in the summer!!

Really off for revision this time

Jen x

Fantasy Land Expansion

Hi All

There's been more details released about the expansion to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom (Details from an Imagineer)!!  I'm hoping we will get to have a better look at the plans while we're out there! I think I'm most excited about the Be Our Guest Fine Dining Experience, it looks amazing!

I am disappointed that they have scrapped the idea of Pixie Hollow meet and greet; rumour has it that its possibly going to be built in Hollywood Studios which I don't think fits that well, surely Tinkerbell's home should be in Magic Kingdom!!   

Right back to the revision...

Jen xxx

Monday, 10 January 2011


Evening All

Christmas and New Year was rather hectic with none Disney things and revision for the exams next week, so not much to report on the Disney front. 

I have managed to book flights, after saying I am definitely going on a direct flight, I'm on the 9.50 flight from Manchester on the 19th June; and I'm changing in JFK.  It was a lot cheaper and there's lots of people on the same flight so I shouldn't get too lost trying to find my way through the airport; I do feel sorry for anyone non-Disney on the flight as I have a feeling we're all going to be a little over excited!

Feels more real now its 2011 and I have my flights booked, I can actually believe that this year I will be actually be going.  My parents and partner have also booked flights and a villa; I can't wait to take Kieran around Disney, he's been really great about me going on the program and I really want him to understand why it was so important to me.  

I've been using Disney music as the soundtrack to, my revision, keep me focused on the fact I definitely can't have any resits as that would massively mess my summer plans up!  Looking forward to the exams been over and then its only a few weeks to meeting up with some of the other people on the program up in Birmingham.  Should be good to meet the people I have been talking to so much on facebook.

I have been wearing my Disney cast member hoodie loads, will probably be worn out by the time  June comes around :P

 The Front

 The Back

I think that's all for now, there'll be more and more to talk about in the next few months 

Jen xx