Saturday, 2 April 2011

Welcome pack excitement!!

So there's not been much in the way of Disney excitement for ages! Other excitement for me in the form of a rather sparkly engagement ring appearing in February!! So I've been just a little giddy, and have bought every wedding magazine there is, and created mood boards for every little detail of the wedding (the date has been set so have something to look forward to when I'm back in the UK this year).  Between wedding planning and university I haven't had much time for all things Disney which does suck a bit; but need to do well with the degree so its had to take priority a while.

My Disney pack finally arrived last week, not quite as exciting as I had hoped it just has lots of information on sorting out the visa and a little Disney look book. My super blonde hair is now no more, even though at the interviews I was told the colour was fine, the little book specifically says no to extreme bleaching so didn't want to risk it!  Boring hair is a small price to pay for going to work for the mouse though so all good; this also solves the worry of finding a hair salon in American that I'd trust to go near me with bleach.

As for visa applications, I've been putting this off as it sounds like such a pain to sort out and I really can't afford to waste a day in London with my third year project deadline looming... I'm going to try and sort it this Easter though so its out of the way before university starts up again and I start worrying about exams!  I will be posting about all of that when its out of the way.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Hannah at Yummy Jobs describing my role, I was a bit surprised to see that Operations had been added to the description; I emailed back to double check if anything had changed or if it was an error.  Hannah got back to me saying they were widening the options slightly at Disney, but if I really didn't want to do operations she could let Disney know and did I have any preference on where I'd work.  Originally I hadn't intended on giving a preference as I was just glad to be going but seen as Hannah had asked I thought I may as well, so said I was more than happy to do an operations role if required, but if it was possible desperately wanted to work in Magic Kingdom (most likely along with every single other ICPer).  So fingers crossed I get what a role in Magic Kingdom, I'm hoping that by just specifying a park rather than a particular ride I'm in with a good chance of getting what I want :)

Well, think that's everything Disney that's gone off since I last posted so back to project work...

J xxx