Monday, 23 May 2011

2 exams to freedom!

Afternoon All

I'm sat in my pjs, with daytime tv on, a strong coffee and a mountain of paper; must mean its revision time!  As usual Tinks (my cat) is trying to help me by repeatedly stealing my pens and flicking them under the sofa, I swear she wants me to fail my degree so she can have me home all the time.

I only have two exams this semester, which is so much better than normal.  All my coursework has been handed in and I've done my viva for my dissertation.  Can't quite believe I will be finished with university in just over a week, the past three years have felt never ending and it just won't sink in that I will finally be done with Southampton University; its no big secret that I haven't enjoyed university and have been looking forward to finishing from about the end of freshers week.

So back to all things Disney, I have a mountain of things to sort after the end of exams, trying to make a list so I don't forget anything.  I've started making a list of what to pack (and might start the packing to procrastinate during revision), I have lots of silly things to buy like a padlock for the locker and suncream.  I've booked my train tickets for my visa appointment, don't think I will fully relax until I get the visa back; I don't have any time for problems with it; also need to get some new passport photos for the visa.  I haven't bought my dollars yet either, monitoring the exchange rate and hoping it picks up a little before I need to buy it.  Also going to try and suspend my phone contract; people have managed it but Vodafone are very awkward about it!

While sorting all things Disney out I'm going to go home and visit my parents for a week, its been far too long since I've spent more than a few days with them and not had university work to do, so really looking forward to spending some time with them and also spending some time with my gorgeous niece; hopefully I'm going to go with her and Juliette to her music playgroup afternoon.

Well I don't think there's much else to say, revision has taken over so theres not much excitement at the moment.  One last thing, I need to say a big sorry to my Dad, as some of you may have already realised I fly on the 19th June which is also Father's Day; so my poor Dad, on Father's Day, is having to get up far too early to drive me to Manchester; whoops sorry Dad!!!

Expect a super excited post next Tuesday night when my exams are over and the serious Disney preparation begins!!


J x

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Dissertation is handed in..

Heya all

So I can start getting really excited about Disney now; my dissertation (which has owned my soul for far too long) was handed in yesterday.  So only a few pieces of coursework and two exams and I've finished my degree!

I celebrated the hand in of my dissertation by buying the new trainers I wanted for Disney.  They are these snazzy barefoot technology trainers, meant to stop your feet aching and shin splints if your running in them.  They should be ideal for Disney as they are meant for proper walkers, so no blisters or aching feet, but look cute unlike my normal hill walking boots.

Now that I can think about things over than programming a chip, some major Disney admin has been done.  I booked my visa appointment, going on the 1 June; which is the day after my last exam so don't have to feel guilty about using up a day of revision but not exactly the way I'd like to celebrate the end of my degree.

I've just done the online part of the visa application; such an annoying website so many bugs in it, kept crashing on me so took way longer than it should.  Also couldn't get the photo right, so after an hour of taking self portraits I've given in and will be off to a passport photo box tomorrow.

In the Easter break Kieran decided to spoil me and took my on a Disney shopping trip.  I now have three sets of shorts, a new top and two bikinis; which is all I really needed for new clothes as I'm hoping to buy lots of new t shirts out there.  He also took me for lunch and cocktails at my favourite restaurant, so although it does suck he works away he does make up for it when he's home!

Getting very excited/impatient now; Kieran has gone back to work after his Easter break so its just me and the cat until I go to Disney (other than one weekend in May) which I think is why I've suddenly gotten all impatient!

Well the countdown has really begun, so there will be lots more posts now.  Expect a rant about the visa appointment and a panic about packing

Jen x