Monday, 20 June 2011


So I'm here, actually here in the land of the mouse!! Everything is a little hectic and surreal at the moment.

Yesterday, I was up for over 24 hours, luckily had no flight delays or problems with immigration.  When I arrived I found out that I would be sharing with the lovely Ashleigh Jefferson in Chatham Square; we've been put in a flat with two other Americans who have been here since January.  Its a shame we're not in a flat of people on the same program as us but they are been nice and polite (already have a group of friends) so think they will ok to live with if not life long friends.

Did a trip to Walmart last night which was not the best idea, was very tired and irritable but the essentials were bought and the big shop is planned for tomorrow morning.  I also unpacked before sleeping as I can't settle until I'm properly settled in a place.

Today was just form filling and housing presentations, it would seem that the people who run the program think we are all absolute idiots as they took us step by step through the most simple forms and went over all the rules and regs repeatadly.  The bright side of today is I know have my housing ID, and we were allowed to smile on the photo!

I'm going to attempt to set my American phone up now and will be off to Downtown Disney tonight!!

J xx

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