Sunday, 5 June 2011

Two Weeks!!

Heya All

Well fourteen sleeps to go, I've spent today thinking this time in two weeks I'll be at the airport, on the flight, or arriving in Orlando.  I'm so excited I can barely sleep and its still two weeks away dread to think what I'll be like next week.

I've started packing, I'm quite pleased with how ruthless I've been packing so hopefully I will be under the weight limit; will have to wait until I get to my parents to find out.  My baby laptop fixed by my awesome friend Matt Lokes; so I can stay connected with the world in Florida.  My hair has been cut so its nice and tidy again (started to look a little feral during exams).  I'm now running out of things to sort out ready for Disney, so its a good job I'm going to my parents or I would go mad waiting for June 19th.

I've also had the good news that Kieran will hopefully be able to visit me at my parents for two days, so excited didn't think I would see him for months so keeping my fingers crossed that he does get the time off.

Jen x

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