Saturday, 18 June 2011

One Sleep

Its finally here!!!!  I leave for Disney tomorrow!  My bag is packed (and somehow within the weight limit), I didn't think I'd been too ruthless when packing but talking to other people I am definately packing light.  All my documents are together in a folder (with copies).  I was hoping to check in online tonight but American Airlines won't let me so looks like an old fasioned check in the morning.

I'm in Sheffield with my parents for my last night and will be setting off to the airport in the early hours of Sunday morning which means I don't think I will actually get that much sleep tonight.  Tinkerbell has settled in well in her home for the summer and my Mum and Dad are already spoiling her rotten (I'm going to come home to a very fat cat).

Last night was my graduation ball which was good fun even if I was sober for the night (early train to catch this morning); was great to see friends before I go.  Hadn't realised how much I had spammed everyones facebook feed with my countdown to Disney, but you all seemed excited for me so hope I'm forgiven.

So there's not much else to say, the next post will be from America and I will have lots to talk about then!  Off for hot chocolate and another Disney movie...

J xxx

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